GEO-TBI: Incidence

The first GEO-TBI registry study starts in October 2022!
The GEO-TBI: Incidence is an epidemiological 3-month "snapshot" study

Primary aim

Describe the epidemiology of TBI and compare outcomes between Human Development Index (HDI) tiers

Secondary aims

Examine differences in TBI demographics, mechanisms and baseline clinical characteristics alongside indications and means of TBI management

Establish an international benchmark to compare outcomes in future clinical audits and research

Demonstrate the feasibility of collaborative registry data collection, expand and empower the international neurotrauma professional network to conduct collaborative research


All TBI admitted during a 3-month time window of your choice
Data collected: core GEO-TBI registry data points (see the Case Report Form)
Primary outcome measures:
2-week mortality
Glasgow Outcome at Discharge Scale (GODS)
Access the GEO-TBI: Incidence study protocol below or find it under Documentation


Participation to the GEO-TBI: Incidence study is via the GEO-TBI core registry
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Core GEO-TBI registry

Each year, traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects 69 million people worldwide

90% of injury-related mortality occurs in low-and-middle income countries 

More than 80% of TBI research originates from high-income countries


Establish a global collaboration to map TBI patient outcomes and Global Neurotrauma efforts

Provide high-quality means of data collection, sharing and research collaboration

Enable clinical auditing programmes to improve neurotrauma treatment

The WFNS and NIHR Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma
welcome all neurosurgical centres to participate!